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Let Consumer Tax Center provide assistance to resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax problems, tax disputes and IRS back taxes. Our team of tax consultants, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs are considered the most effective tax resolution company in America. The Consumer Tax Center team is exceptional at dealing with the IRS, reducing tax debt, eliminating tax disputes, negotiating IRS payments, and providing ethical tax representation and tax solutions.

Get the legal representation for your own protection against the IRS now! Avoid any further tax trouble, additional penalties, interest or late fees and take the first step in resolving your federal tax or state tax problems today. The tax lawyers, EAs, CPAs, and tax consultants are experts in all options available to stop the IRS harassment and fix your tax problems: Installment Agreements, Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, IRS Tax Payment Plans, and Audit Representation to name a few. We can help protect your income, negotiate a reasonable IRS payment plan or settlement and provide you freedom from the IRS.

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